About us

A little bit of gossip about us

We are Mavi and Alberto, two Spaniards passionate about traveling and getting to know the world. Throughout our adventures in Europe and beyond, we always carry with us the memories of home: the chorizo sandwich, our mum's cookies, our grandmother's lentils...

However, we realized how difficult it was to find those flavors outside Spain.

So we decided to do something about it!

A little more

When we returned to Spain, we decided to help others to have access to the foods we missed so much. That's how Oletubox, was born, from our nostalgia and love for our land.

Our commitment is to bring the heart and the taste of Spain to all of Europe. With each product, we invite you to relive moments and to feel the familiar warmth of our country.

Welcome to the Oletubox experience!

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Descripción de la imagen

We want to become the best embassadors of the spanish food.

That when you think of Spain, think of fiesta, paella and... Oletubox!

Things that move us

01 Quality

Before including each food in our pots, we test it (so much that we are starting to get fat) in order to make sure it is the best in its category!

02 Authenticity

Here everything is 100% made in Spain, guaranteeing authenticity in every bite. We support the local, highlighting the rich culture and gastronomy of Spain in our products.

03 Eco-vibes

We love Spain, its beaches, its mountains and of course, its people!... And that's why our pots are recyclable, so why not turn them into flower pots or ice buckets for your beer?

04 Experience

The experience you live with our pots goes beyond the food; it's a trip to Spain. Each bottle includes gifts and a Spotify playlist with the best Spanish tunes for you to enjoy a real party.

05 Good vibes

We want you to enjoy your Oletubox experience and become a special member of our community, that's why every product and every surprise we send you carries a part of our DNA.

If you still don't know what's good, you're on time

Take a look at all our products and choose among our packs your favorite one.