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For those of you who enjoy Spanish cuisine: we know how complicated it can be to satisfy your craving for Spanish flavors when you live far away. From the search for authentic ingredients to the difficulties in preparing those traditional dishes, we understand your desire to have a little piece of Spain on your table. With Oletubox, we facilitate this process with our subscriptions. We take care of selecting, packaging and shipping the most authentic products directly to your door, so you can enjoy the flavors you love no matter where you are.

With Oletubox, the connection to Spanish food stays alive and strong. We give you the opportunity to relive those special moments and savor the authenticity of home in every bite.

Give away a subscription and bring your loved ones together with the flavours of Spain.

Pots for all

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Explore the world of online gifts with ease thanks to Oletubox. On our website, you will discover the perfect gift in just a few clicks. In addition, we offer you the option to send it directly to that special person's door, guaranteeing a surprise that will brighten their day. Save time, money and energy to enjoy the important moments.

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If you're having trouble deciding which pack they'd like best (we understand, they are all very appetizing!), give them a **gift card** and let them decide.

But ask them to bring you a nice gift back in exchange! ;-)