Cured Meats Pack: La Macarena

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  • 1 Units of spicy Chorizo de León (spicy sausage) 500 gr.
  • 1 Unit of Salchichón de León (pepper sausage) 500 gr.
  • 2 Packets of sliced Cecina de León (cured beef meat) 100 gr.
  • 2 Packets of sliced Iberian Ham 100 gr.
  • 2 Packets of sliced Iberian pork loin 100 gr.
  • 1 Wedge of cured sheep's cheese 320 gr.
  • 2 Bags of bread sticks (Picos) 140 gr.




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Elevate your TAPAS nights with our selection of  cured meats, perfect for lovers of good taste and gatherings among friends.

Inspired by the joyful rhythm of "Los del Rio", our pack invites you to give a little lovin' to your body with an exquisite variety of Iberian ham and León chorizo together with an unbeatable Manchego cheese. This combination not only celebrates Spain's culinary tradition, but also creates special and authentically Spanish moments at every encounter.

Enjoy the quality, FLAVOR AND JOY OF SPAIN at your table, because your body is for giving joy and good things to it!